Nox ULTRA – IR 850nm LASER


New for 2024. Super powerful VCSEL laser illuminator with a range of up to 500 m. It operates at a wavelength of 850nm. The illuminator is powered by a 18650 battery. Adjustable illumination cone. Tube diameter 30 mm. Identification of power on and charge status. Completely inaudible multifunction button. Adjustable light intensity by turning the wheel. Easy zoom ring function – shielding of the illumination cone towards the shooter. Rich package contents.



Even more power

New chip improvements deliver up to 10% better performance compared to the previous generation of illuminator. The illuminator can illuminate up to a distance of 500 m.

New multi-function button

The illuminator has a completely inaudible button to switch the illuminator on and off. The button also serves as a wheel for adjusting the light intensity. It is equipped with a red LED indicating on/off status and battery level.

Easy zoom ring

The illuminator retains one of its great strengths and that is the very easy shielding of the illumination cone. The wheel has a roughened surface for a better grip and the illumination cone is focused by rotating towards the shooter. This makes it much easier for the shooter to access and not have to reach out with his hand in front of the illuminator.


It uses a 18650 battery for operation. In this day and age of thermal imaging and night vision, this is almost standard. The battery offers great features in both capacity and endurance. Plus, you can use it in a lot of other devices. The battery is replaceable, so whenever it runs out, just pull a spare out of your pocket. Even after the battery life is over, you can continue to use the illuminator, just get a new battery.

Rich contents of the package

The package contains everything you need. In addition to the illuminator, you will also find a 18650 battery. A charger for the battery included. Micro-USB cable. And a 30mm weaver ring for easy mounting of the illuminator.

Additional information

Additional information


Up to 500 m


194 g

IP protection



45 x 30 x 140 (+25) mm


6061-T6 aerospace aluminium alloy


44 mm Frensel lens

Powered by

1x 18650

Light modes

Continuous intensity adjustment with rotating button


850 nm

Tube diameter

30 mm

Light source


Package contents

1x Nox ULTRA IR 850 nm LASER torch, 1x Samsung18650 battery 2600 mAh, 1x Battery charger, 1x Micro-USB cable for battery charger, 30 mm weaver mounting ring